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  • medical office management classes los angeles: Oh wow I hadn’t thought about how those situations could...
  • Nicole: This article makes an interesting point. Electronic Health Records were successful in Denmark largely due to...
  • Jay Vance: “Dictation has costs and doesn’t lend itself to producing the discrete data needed for decision...
  • neurology emr: I was just out viewing blogs and came across yours.Technology truly has a big impact on health.EMR...
  • family practice emr: Using EMR will help reduce the cost of paper, printing and hiring someone to organize the files....


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A blog for doctors and medical office staff seeking assistance with EMR and the HITECH Act.

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The HITECH Act ñ what it means to a health care professional

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, otherwise known as the HITECH Act, is on the minds of many health care professionals.† This legislation will affect technical, procedural and managerial aspects of your daily practice.† Specifically, the HITECH Act will address the issue of computer upgrades as well as electronic storage of patientsí medical records.† Continue reading below video >>

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